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I have seen the poster against Islamophobia. It’s a great idea and hopefully will help to make my Muslim friends feel more welcomed in Canada. I do also look forward to a similar campaign of the Canadian Muslim community’s embrace of our LGBTQ community. Friends of mine who are gay and Muslim are understandably too fearful to put such an initiative forward so it would be great to see the Muslim community at large take the initiative.

As a Muslim born in Toronto, I am very appreciative of this initiative. And the timing of this initiative could not have been better. We are at a time when Islamophobia is increasing in schools and society across Toronto and the GTA.

I think you’ve done a great service with your campaign. It could apply to any person, Chinese, South Asian who is constantly asked where they come from. I support it whole heartedly.

Islamophobia is a form of prejudice, which stems from false and stereotypical views of Muslims. Sometimes, Islamophobia is acted upon in harmful ways, including through negative comments, vandalism, and even assaults against those who are visibly Muslim, or against those who are perceived to be Muslim.

Love this poster by #OCASI and #cityoftoronto. If I had a dime for every time this conversation happened.

There are countless reasons why I love this city, why I get unimaginably sad thinking of having to live anywhere else. #allthefeels #home #6ixside #yyz #tdot #mycity #ibelong #strongertogether #CanadianAF

#proudcanadian In the ad, the white male is confronting a woman in a hijab, telling her to “go back to where you came from.” The woman’s response is “Where, North York?” The ad’s tagline is “Muslims are part of Toronto.” The campaign is intended to dispel and prevent rumours and stereotypes. #Toronto #ocasi

As if we needed another reason to love home ❤❤❤ #Canada #OCASI #love #onelove

That is soooo good! I wish we could have ads like these on the US! I might just move to Toronto.

This... Proud Canadian moment #repost #cityoftoronto #ocasi #muslims #islam

Wow this sets my eyes on fire with tears. I can only imagine the comments I'll be receiving if I shot my opinions out. Soooo.... I just want to give a huge thanks to #OCASI for this posting, it speaks in volumes to me and I can't wait to see my children after school and talk about these kinds of issues. #stoptheviolence #stopthehate #stopracism #juststopit #raisethemright #raisethebar #teachlove


The fact that Toronto is showing solidarity and support for the Muslim community puts their money where there mouth is, and will hopefully convert xenophobic people.

I am a teacher with the YRDSB. I loved your poster with the muslim woman saying I am from North York! I thought it was brilliant and had a great discussion with my students about it! Would it be possible to buy the poster for my classroom? Thank you! Keep up the great work of promoting inclusion!

I came across your website today and I truly appreciate your work towards others. I am an immigrant myself and there are so many things that I can relate too. I love to help and be part of your community. Please let me know if you you need a volunteer.

I just wanted to send a note of thanks and gratitude for launching the campaign addressing xenophobia and Islamophobia. It is exactly what we need to confront the issues many Canadians are facing head on.

Please know that there are countless individuals and communities who support this project and all that you do for the city of Toronto. Thank you!

As a visible Canadian Muslim woman who was born and raised here and work in Toronto everyday, I wanted to sincerely thank you and the entire OCASI team for the Islamophobia ads that have recently gone up around town. It brings life to a lot of long overdue conversations and will hopefully help move our beautiful community to a more welcoming place.